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Water resistant automotive masking tape up to 90°

Automotive masking tape suitable for waterborne paints

S080WR is a water resistant automotive masking tape suitable for applications in car refinishing and in other sectors such as building, construction and industrial. The auto body masking tape is designed to withstand temperatures up to 90°C.

S080WR is the ideal choice for professionals looking for an automotive paint masking tape to use with water base products: its adhesive formula is engineered to resist water and keep the hold in wet environment.

Like all the automotive masking tapes of PPM’s range, S080WR adapts to irregular surfaces and guarantees a clean removal with no adhesive residue.

  • Resistance for 80° (60 min.) 90° (30 min.)
  • Water Resistant
  • ideal for water base paints
  • No residue
  • Adaptable to irregular surfaces
  • Ideal for water base paints
  • Removal without breaking
CharacteristicsUnitStandard ValuesToleranceTest method
Total weightg/m292± 8%ISO 536
Total Thicknessµm125± 10%AFERA 5006
MD tensile strengthN/cm> 28AFERA 5004
MD elongation at break%> 8AFERA 5004
Adhesion to steel plateN/cm> 2AFERA 5001
Available Colours
  • bianco
  • giallo
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