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Silicon Polyimide Tape

Polyimide tape for high temperature insulation and masking

PPM silicon tape B031 is a high performance polyimide tape designed for high temperature insulation and masking applications. This insulation tape has excellent impact abrasion, high temperature bubble (resistance up to 180°C) and stain resistance; it provides good conformability, flame retardant properties and clean removal without leaving adhesive residue.

This polyimide tape is used primarily in electrical applications such as coil insulation, magnetic wire insulation, gold leaf protection during wave solder application and masking during powder coating applications. It’s also used in automotive industry for wrapping switches, diaphragms, sensors and coils in seat heaters. The aerospace industry uses polyimide tape primarily for insulation of aircraft and spacecraft wings.

AdhesiveSilicon adhesive
Total Thickness72 mic
Backing Thickness25 mic
MD T.S.55 N/cm
MD EL0,8
Peel Adhesion3.2 N/cm
Service Temperature-20°C up to 155°C (Class F)
Dielectric Strenght6.5 KV
ColorsTranslucent Brown
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • translucent brown
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