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Silicon Kapton Tape

Medium duty Kapton tape for high performance insulation

PPM 71SL is a medium duty Kapton tape coated with silicon adhesive, designed for high performance and temperature applications (up to 180°C – short time 300°C), and is flame retardant.

This polyimide tape offers high dielectric strength, abrasion, tear and puncture resistance, and higher adhesion properties than the acrylic version.

As a polyimide tape, 71SLis used for masking of circuit boards during wave soldering or other electronic manufacturing processes. Kapton tape can also be used in powder coating, automotive and transformer manufacturing as well as electrical and thermal insulation.

PPM Kapton tape is also radiation resistant (aerospace application), and doesn’t leave residue upon removal.

AdhesiveSilicon adhesive
Total Thickness60 mic
Backing Thickness25 mic
MD T.S.45 N/cm
MD EL0,6
Peel Adhesion3 N/cm
Service Temperature180°C (Class H) - short time 300°C
Dielectric Strenght7 kV
ColorsTranslucent Brown
Shelf Life6 months
Available Colours
  • translucent brown
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