PPM Shatter Film 1002 1
PPM Shatter Film 1002 2


Shatter Film

Is a polyolefin backed product with acrylic adhesive, designed for superior impact resistance and to ensure the weave will not run in the event of mirror rupture or breakage. is applied to the back of mirrors to prevent injury from glass particles and/or shards, should the mirror be broken. The mirror backing tape with an adhesive system to ensure a reliable bond to the back of a mirror and its corresponding mirror backing paint. Tape to avoid the splinters while breaking. The application should be done behind the mirror. Important to verify the compatibility with the silver paint of mirror and our tape. FIRA certification

Total Thickness135 micron
MD T.S.long >25 N/mm2 Trasv >22 N/mm
MD ELlong >400% Trasv >700%
Peel Adhesion695g/25mm +/- 20%
Service Temperature20°+/- 10%
Shelf Life6 months at room temperature
Available Colours
  • clear
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