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Design Tape™ Surf

Shaped washi paper tape

The Surf version is characterised by a motif that recalls sea waves, ideal for creating high impact light motifs.

Mainly designed for indoor applications, the tape is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and water. Designed to guarantee high precision in "fine line" jobs, it can create a wide range of décors on different surfaces and materials such as walls, furniture, small objects and car bodies.

Your imagination is its only limit.

  • To obtain decorative motifs
  • Precise paint edges
  • Compatible with water and solvent base paints
  • Suited for multiple surfaces
  • No residue
  • Removal without breaking and easy to unroll
CharacteristicsUnitStandard ValuesToleranceTest method
Total weightg/m280± 10%ISO 536
Total Thicknessµm83± 10%AFERA 5006
MD tensile strengthN/cmN.A.AFERA 5004
MD elongation at break%N.A.AFERA 5004
Adhesion to steel plateN/cm> 1AFERA 5001
Available Colours
  • giallo
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