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Professional Grade Duct Tape

All weather repair tape for outdoor extreme applications

The Professional Grade Duct Tape 9062 is one of the thinnest duct tapes produced by PPM Industries. It is an all weather duct tape designed to resist tougher environmental conditions, such as high and low temperatures (from -10°C up to 60°C, once applied) on different regular and irregular surfaces. For that reason, it is able to maintain its adhesion and holding power in more extreme conditions, but always considered as semi-permanent without clean removal, especially if used outdoor on polar surfaces.

Combining value for money, high performance and versatility, 9062 is widely used as an asbestos duct tape, principal tool for the enclosures construction, jointing PE foils and preserving the workers from inhaling dangerous fibers during professional removal operations. As an asbestos duct tape, the product is also used to seal the bags into which asbestos is wrapped.

For its versatility, this all weather repair tape is obviously used for many general repairs in DIY activities, vehicles and tools fixing, structures building in agricultural sector but it is considered predominantly as a utensil in construction equipment.

  • High tensile strength
  • Adaptable to irregular surfaces
  • High adhesion
  • Precise tear
  • Removal without breaking
CharacteristicsUnitStandard ValuesToleranceTest method
Total weightg/m2155± 10%ISO 536
Total Thicknessµm175± 10%AFERA 5006
MD tensile strengthN/cm> 30AFERA 5004
MD elongation at break%> 10AFERA 5004
Adhesion to steel plateN/cm> 6AFERA 5001
Rolling Ball Tackcm<0,5PSTC6
Available Colours
  • nero
  • arancione
  • argento
  • bianco
  • blu
  • verde
  • marrone-scuro
  • rosso
  • giallo
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