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PET Laminated Nomex Tape

Nomex paper tape with high insulation properties

PPM 19F Nomex tape is made of polyester laminated Nomex paper and it is a thicker version of 5F, based on thin Nomex Aramid synthetic paper laminated to polyester film  guaranteeing higher insulation properties and higher mechanical strength.

As an insulation tape, PPM 19F can be used in power distribution and traction transformers as well as in the motor and generator industry. This Nomex tape is suitable for outer and inner liner insulation, in motor industry for phase and coil end insulation, and for electrical insulation of circuits and resistances.

PPM Nomex tape is a high performance product that offers temperature resistance up to 155°C and flame resistant properties. It is ideal for use in the electrical and automotive sector.

Backing/CarrierPET Laminated Nomex Paper
AdhesiveThermosetting adhesive
Total Thickness130 mic
Backing Thickness90 mic
MD T.S.65 N/cm
Peel Adhesion5 N/cm
Service Temperatureup to 155°C (Class F)
Dielectric Strenght5.5 kV
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • beige
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