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Protective solutions suitable for a wide range of different surfaces

PPM Industries protective films for temporary surface protection are specially designed for professionals that need to protect surfaces from scratches, finger prints, dirt and paint bleeds. Protective films can be applied to carpet, metal, plastic, glass, painted, laminates, stone and vinyl flooring and they are excellent carpet protection. PPM Industries  protection films apply easily and remove cleanly, leaving no residue beyond a flawless finish. When your products and surfaces need protection, PPM Industries  protection films are the right solution.

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PPM Green-Bubble-wrap
Self Adhesive Protective Cushion
PPM Protective-film
Multi Purpose Protection Film
PPM Protective-film
Low Tack Carpet Protection Film
LT Carpet 1007 2 (1)
Heavy Duty Carpet Protection Film
LT Glass 1003 (3)
Low Tack Glass Protection Film
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