Multipurpose 1004 (3)


Multi Purpose Protection Film

Clear protective film for general surface protection

1004 is a translucent red temporary protective film coated with an emulsion adhesive system. This protective tape is designed for temporary protection of sensitive surfaces against mechanical damage.

1004 protective film is suited for different applications in the construction sector, for painting and DIY jobs. It is a versatile product that can be employed whenever a surface needs to be shield against scratches, marks, dents and dings.

Applications suited to 1004 surface protection film include worktop, cabinet and furniture surfaces, also aluminium, stainless steel, glass and hard PVC surfaces. 1004 is the perfect multipurpose protective film.

AdhesiveSolvent Acrylic Adhesive
Total Thickness350 mic
MD T.S.0.3-0.6 N/cm
MD EL1,2
Peel Adhesion0.3-0.6 N/cm
Service Temperature+15°C +40°C
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • rosso
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