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Low Tack Outdoor Protection Film

Surface protection film with excellent resistance to weather conditions

1100 is an outdoor low tack protective film offering quality performance at an economic price. It is made with a polythene backing and a natural rubber adhesive.

The outdoor protective film is suitable for applications in many different sectors: from professional surface protection in construction, automotive, industrial and aerospace sectors – mainly for shielding components during assembly, transport and storage – to consumer use in home and DIY jobs.

The protective film can be applied on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, UPVC and aluminum profiles, window frames and – thanks to its low tack properties – ceramics and plastics.

Total Thickness68 micron
MD T.S.long >22 N/mm2 Trasv >16 N/mm
MD ELlong >300% Trasv >600%
Peel Adhesion400g/25mm +/- 20%
Service Temperature20°+/- 10%
Shelf Life6 months at room temperature
Available Colours
  • nero
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