LT Glass 1003 (3)
LT Glass 1003 (2)

1003 blue

Low Tack Glass Protection Film

Clear Polyolefin Film for window protection

1003 is a low tack glass protection film, specially suited for window protection in the construction sector and for painting jobs. The product boasts some key features such as UV resistance, low tack adhesion and clear surface, which make it perfect for long-term applications on delicate materials such as glass. 1003 can withstand UV rays for up to 90 days without the adhesive being affected by sunlight.

The window protection film is employed to shield glass surfaces from scratches and dirt, keeping the material clean and polished. 1003 glass protection film can also be used for mirror protection, glass furniture, to cover rearview mirrors in cars and motorcycles.

To ensure easy application, 1003 window protection film has the option of reverse wound if needed.

Total Thickness26 micron
MD T.S.long >30 N/mm2 Trasv >25 N/mm
MD ELlong >350% Trasv >750%
Peel Adhesion35g/25mm +/- 15%
Service Temperature20°+/- 10%
Shelf Life6 months at room temperature
Available Colours
  • clear
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