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Laser Shield

Designed to protect high quality metals during laser cutting, 1108 reduces laser-cutting time and maintains surface integrity while parts are being cut and in other operations where parts are subjected to bending, backing, stamping or forming. 

This formulation permits protected sheet metal to be laser cut in a single run. There is no peel back and no formation of air bubbles during laser-cutting operations since 1108 is also an excellent self adhesive draught excluder. Additionally, no black marks left on stainless steel after laser cutting. The film can be removed in one piece without blocking or tearing. 

The film’s specific pattern permits automated sheet-metal handling (with the surface protection applied) and prevents multiple sheet feeding due to suction between the sheets.

The film acts as a barrier tape (preventing scratches or other damage) through all converting processes (folding, stamping and profiling) and during handling, transport and fitting.

Total Thickness72 micron
MD T.S.long >22 N/mm2 Trasv >16 N/mm
MD ELlong >300% Trasv >600%
Peel Adhesion460cN/25mm +/- 20%
Service Temperature20°C
Shelf Life6 months at room temperature
Available Colours
  • bianco
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