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Carton sealing

A full range of box sealing adhesive tapes

PPM Industries provides a full range of box sealing adhesive tapes with high and quick adhesion, conformable and resistant to different breaking loads suitable for hand, manual dispenser and automatic applications.

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Silicone Coated Packaging Tape
2518LN stilllife
Low Noise Packaging Tape
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Acrylic Packaging Tape
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Polypropylene Packaging Tape
Standard Carton Sealing Paper Tape
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Polypropylene Packaging Tape
Kraft Paper Packaging Tape
Entry Level Carton Sealing Paper Tape
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Light Duty Mono Oriented Filament Tape
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Medium Duty Mono Oriented Filament Tape
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High Quality Packing Tape
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Hot Melt Packing Tape
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