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High Temperature PET Tape

PET tape for electrical, masking and splicing applications

PPM Industries 61SL is a high temperature masking tape with PET backing and silicone adhesive, used for a wide range of electrical and splicing applications at high temperature (up to 180°C in short term).

This PET tape is suitable for masking in powder coating operations and during PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly thanks to its resistance to etching chemicals. The products can also be used as a general splicing tape for applications at high temperature.

Among its qualities, 61SL is also engineered to not leave adhesive residue upon removal: it is therefore ideal also as an automotive masking tape in the car refinishing sector, for drying cycles in spray booth or infrared exposure.

AdhesiveSilicon Adhesive
Total Thickness85 mic
Backing Thickness50 mic
MD T.S.70 N/cm
MD EL0,9
Peel Adhesion3 N/cm
Service Temperature130°C - up to 180°C (short term) (Class B)
Dielectric Strenght9 kV
ColorsBlue, Green, Transparent
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • blu
  • verde
  • trasparente
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