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PPM High Duty Rubber PET Tape 12B 1


Heavy Duty Insulation Tape

PET tape for a wide range of insulation applications

PPM 12B is a heavy duty insulation tape, the thicker version of 11B with higher dielectric properties. This PET tape is designed for a wide range of electrical applications and used for wiring and coil insulation tasks.

12B is an insulation tape suitable for sealing inner coils and final wrapping of cast resin capacitors, insulation in motor and coil transformer manufacturing industries and for multi-purpose circuit assembly and repair.

12B heavy duty insulation tape provides high tensile strength and resistance to extreme temperature, withstanding up to 130°C. It is certified as class B electrical insulation tape. In addition, the product boasts excellent conformability properties.

AdhesiveThermosetting adhesive (Nat. Rubber)
Total Thickness90 mic
Backing Thickness50 mic
MD T.S.70 N/cm
MD EL0,9
Peel Adhesion5 N/cm
Service Temperatureup to 130°C (Class B)
Dielectric Strenght9 kV
ColorsYellow, Transparent
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • trasparente
  • giallo
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