PPM GP Double Sided Tissue Tape 127C 1
PPM GP Double Sided Tissue Tape 127C 2


GP Double Sided Tissue Tape

Tissue tape with double sided adhesive surface for lamination and assembly

PPM 127C is a GP double sided tissue tape used for lamination to rubber and foams, general assembly on flexible and uneven surfaces, craft applications.

Double sided tissue tape is intended for permanent applications and can be easily torn by hand. It boasts excellent conformability properties and features a multi-layered structure with high mechanical resistance.

LinerWhite silicon paper
AdhesiveSynthetic rubber /resin adhesive
Total Thickness100 mic
MD T.S.7 N/cm
Peel Adhesion7 N/cm
Service Temperature-10°C +50°C
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • trasparente
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