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Glass Cloth Tape

Acrylic glass cloth tape for insulation applications

PPM B020 is a glass ‘F’ cloth tape that combines mechanical and tensile strength, good insulation value and the benefit of a long lasting acrylic adhesive. In addition, this glass cloth tape boasts flame resistant properties.

PPM glass cloth tape withstands high temperature up to 155°C and resists abrasion; it is suitable for coil covering, layering and crosscover insulation.

Backing/CarrierGlass Cloth
Adhesivesolvent acrylic adhesive
Total Thickness180 mic
Backing Thickness135 mic
MD T.S.230 N/cm
MD EL0,17
Peel Adhesion5,3 N/cm
Service Temperature-20°C up to 155°C (Class F)
Dielectric Strenght3.5 KV
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • bianco
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