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General Purpose PVC Tape

PVC tape for repairing, jointing and floor marking applications

PPM 269 is a PVC tape with self extinguishing properties and good conformability, suitable for many applications in different fields.

As a repairing tape, 269 is ideal for general repairs, jointing PE foils and as a barrier tape to prevent electrolytic reaction between dissimilar metals.

As a floor marking tape, the product can be used for long time applications to highlight different spaces on the same area, i.e. for marking sport fields.

PVC tape is also suitable for sealing boxes and drums. It boasts a strong structure and can withstand high temperature up to 80°C.

AdhesiveNatural Rubber adhesive (solvent borne)
Total Thickness130 mic
Backing Thickness115 mic
MD T.S.22 N/cm
MD EL1,8
Peel Adhesion1.6 N/cm
Service Temperature-10°C + 80°C
ColorsBlack, White, Grey, Yellow, red, blue
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • nero
  • argento
  • bianco
  • blu
  • rosso
  • giallo
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