PPM Metalized PET Tape 120AL 1
PPM Metalized PET Tape 120AL 2


Foil tape

Metalized tape with PET flexible backing and metal foils layer

120AL is a foil tape realized with a flexible PET backing and metal foils coating, with high conformability, excellent thermal and chemical stability, high temperature resistance up to 130°C.

Metalized tape is suitable for masking applications in silk screen painting, electrical and heat shielding and industrial film splicing. In addition, foil tape is often used as a decoration where a mirror surface finish is required.

120AL foil tape also guarantees clean removal without leaving any adhesive residue on the application surface. 

AdhesiveSolvent acrylic adhesive
Total Thickness60 mic
Backing Thickness23 mic
MD T.S.40 N/cm
MD EL0,9
Peel Adhesion3.5 N/cm
Service Temperatureup to 130°C
ColorsSilver Metalized
Shelf Life12 MONTHS
Available Colours
  • argento
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