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Solutions for the protection of electrical systems

For many materials that conduct electricity, an anti static tape with dielectric strength and heat resistance is required to protect and prevent electrical leaks. Transformers, coils, cast resin capacitors and wires need to be protected and insulated. Depending on dimension, temperature and conductivity PPM Industries has a dedicated range of electrical adhesive tapes with different thermal classification and dielectric strength (maximum electric field resistance without breaking down).

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P03 stilllife
Heavy Duty Insulation Tape
K30 stilllife
Teonex Eletrical Tape
10B stilllife
Medium Duty Acrylic PET Tape
5F stilllife
Nomex Tape
B013 stilllife
Silicon Polyester Tape
B020 stilllife
Glass Cloth Tape
B022 stilllife
Cloth Electrical Tape
70AC stilllife
Acrylic Kapton Tape
B030 stilllife
Acrylic Polyimide Tape
78TS stilllife
Acetate Cloth Tape
268 brown stilllife
PVC Insulation Tape
8SL stilllife
Plating Tape
292 stilllife
Copper Foil Tape
4B stilllife
Coil Winding Tape
211B stilllife
PET Electrical Double Sided Tape
12B Stilllite
Heavy Duty Insulation Tape
B031 stilllife
Silicon Polyimide Tape
19F stilllife
PET Laminated Nomex Tape
10B2 stilllife
PET Heavy Duty Electrical Tape
41B stilllife
Composite Tape
46AC stilllife
Medium Duty Reinforced PET Tape
H220 small
Double Sided Kapton Tape
71SL stilllife
Silicon Kapton Tape
75TS stilllife
Rubber Glass Cloth Electrical Tape
K30AC stilllife
Polyethylene Insulation Tape
TF50 stilllife
61SL stilllife
High Temperature PET Tape
77AC stilllife
Acrylic Glass Cloth Electrical Tape
11B small
Medium Duty Yellow Electrical Tape
120AL stilllife
Foil tape
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