PPM Double Sided Acrylic PET Tape 2601


Double Sided Acrylic PET Tape

Mounting tape for industrial and automotive applications

PPM 2601 Double Sided Tape is a high quality double sided PET tape with solvent acrylic adhesive that combines high initial tack and good shear properties.

This mounting tape finds application in several industrial fields, i.e. uses in fixing decorative trim such as PVC profiles in the craft and furniture industry, mounting battery packs, lenses and touchscreens in electronic devices, mounting and bonding in the appliance industry.

PPM 2601 is also an excellent automotive double sided tape for mounting ABS plastic plates in automotive industry, rubber and EPDM materials.

In addition, this PET tape boasts useful qualities such as adaptability to different surfaces and high temperature resistance up to 100°C.

Liner75 mic Translucent Red Polyolefin
AdhesiveSolvent acrylic
Total Thickness200 mic
Backing Thickness25 mic
Peel Adhesion9 N/cm
Shear Strenght STD>24h 2kg 25mmx25mm
Shear Strenght WARM >24h 0,5kg 25mmx25mm 80°C
Service Temperature-20°C +100°C
ColorsTranslucent Red
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • translucent-red
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