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Mounting & Repairing

A universe of possibilities for mounting, assembling and creating

PPM Industries mounting and repairing tapes are perfect for indoor and outdoor projects and stick to smooth and rough surfaces. They are the best solution for mounting applications of a variety of substrates and surfaces like panels or profiles, aluminium faced thermal insulation panels, nameplates, gaskets, interior and exterior trims and many other. PPM Industries DIY products give to end users a universe of possibilities in terms of mounting, assembling and creating tools and objects by themselves obtaining professional results.

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Silicone Coated Packaging Tape
2315 clear stilllife
Acrylic Packaging Tape
813 stilllife
All weather tape
Contractor Medium Grade Duct Tape
269 stilllife
General Purpose PVC Tape
129 stilllife
Assembly Tape
750 stilllife
Double Sided UPVC Tape
Utility Grade Duct Tape
Professional Grade Duct Tape
4161 stilllife
Transfer Tape
127C stilllife
GP Double Sided Tissue Tape
2601 stilllife
Double Sided Acrylic PET Tape
1008 stilllife
Light Duty Mono Oriented Filament Tape
4165 stilllife
Double Sided Fingerlift Tissue Tape
Economy Grade Duct Tape
911W small
PE Double Sided Foam Tape
General Purpose Double-Sided Film Tape
Carpet Double-Sided Film Tape
General Purpose Double-sided Fabric tape
1008 stilllife
Medium Duty Mono Oriented Filament Tape
115AL stilllife
Aluminium Tape
4040 stilllife
Multiple Surfaces Double Sided Tape
W912 stilllife
Double sided foam tape
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Double Sided carpet tape
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D.A. Blue double sided carpet tape
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