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Copper Foil Tape

Copper foil tape for electrical insulation and repairing applications

PPM 292 is a copper foil tape offering high conformability properties, excellent malleability and heat resistance up to 120°C. This copper foil tape is easy to solder and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Copper foil tapeis commonly employed for electromagnetic shielding (EMI), static charge draining, repairing cables, transformers and PCB. Thanks to its copper foil layer, it is also suitable for stained glass fabrication and in horticultural sector as slug repellent.

292 copper foil tape is supplied on a paper release liner enabling easy tear to aid application. 

Backing/CarrierCopper Foil
LinerSilicon paper
AdhesiveSolvent acrylic adhesive
Total Thickness80 mic
Backing Thickness36 mic
MD T.S.60 N/cm
MD EL0,06
Peel Adhesion4 N/cm
Service Temperature-40°C +120°C
ColorsMetallic Copper
Shelf Life12 months
Available Colours
  • Metallic Copper
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