PPM Industries Construction Repairing


A range of products for every kind of repairing and mounting works

Whether it is structural works or daily activities, professionals need to rely on high quality repairing tapes that can take a lot of work off their shoulders and speed up operations. PPM Industries offers a builders tape for every kind of repairing and mounting works meeting all the requirements of strength, sealing and holding power with easy application. PPM Industries repairing tapes are synonymous of easy handicrafts, fastening, bundling, strengthening, marking and much more.

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All weather tape
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Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape
Contractor Medium Grade Duct Tape
Utility Grade Duct Tape
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General Purpose PVC Tape
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PVC Protection Tape
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Ultimate Performance Heavy Duty Duct Tape
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Double Sided UPVC Tape
Professional Grade Duct Tape
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Double Sided Acrylic PET Tape
Economy Grade Duct Tape
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High Tack Double Sided Tape
General Purpose Double-Sided Film Tape
Carpet Double-Sided Film Tape
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Aluminium Tape
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Multiple Surfaces Double Sided Tape
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