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Carpet Double-Sided Film Tape

Double sided carpet tape for home and industrial use

8050 permits excellent adhesive support contouring.

This double sided carpet tape is specifically suited to bond carpets to floors and lightweight generic objects on vertical surfaces. Thanks to its easy application and fast removal without breaking, the double sided carpet tape is ideal for the entertainment industry, where speed and efficiency are always required.

This double sided carpet tape is recommended for generic use in both industrial and consumer contexts, for DIY, since easier, simpler and faster to use than any glue.

Thanks to its adhesive formula, the double sided carpet tape adheres to multiple surfaces. It is recommended for indoor use. 

  • Easy application
  • Removal without breaking
CharacteristicsUnitStandard ValuesToleranceTest method
Total weightg/m2110± 10%ISO 536
Total Thicknessµm115± 10%AFERA 5006
MD tensile strengthN/cm> 25AFERA 5004
MD elongation at break%> 400AFERA 5004
Adhesion to steel plateN/cm> 5,4AFERA 5001
Available Colours
  • brown
  • giallo
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