Window protection: how to choose the best solution

Wrote Friday, by Ionela Stetco


In the building sector, window protection is important to shield glass against scratches during transport and mounting. To achieve a good level of protection, special protective films are applied on the glass surface and left on place until construction jobs are concluded, in order to prevent the dirt from depositing on the window.

The best films for window protection are engineered with some qualities that guarantee a steady protection for prolonged times. Among these qualities, we can mention the most important ones such as:

  • Low tack properties: glass is a delicate material that can be damaged by prolonged exposure to aggressive adhesives. Therefore, the best films for window protection are provided with a limited tack that guarantees a gentle hold on the surface. The true challenge is to match low tack properties with long-term adhesion.
  • UV resistance: all the products for window protection are thought to stay on place onto the glass even after the windows are mounted, until construction jobs are done. As a result, films and tapes are constantly exposed to sunrays. UV resistance is a key element to prevent solar radiation from deteriorating the substrate and adhesive, compromising the performance of the product.
  • No yellowing: for window protection are commonly used clear films, as they don’t hide the underlying glass. Over time, low quality products are subjected to yellowing and produce an unpleasant effect that is clearly visible and could signal a chemical decay of the product. So, make sure to choose protective films that prevent yellowing for prolonged time.
  • Easy application: In the construction and furnishing sector, speed and efficiency are essential qualities. All the best products for window protection guarantee easy and quick application: protective films, in example, have the option of reverse wound if needed.
  • Long term protection: as it is clear from what has been said so far, good quality protective films have to guarantee long term protection without losing their key qualities. Up to date, the best compromise between quality and competitive price results in products with a reasonable protection life of 90 days, a period that covers most of the needs of the building industry.


PPM Industries solutions for window protection

PPM Industries distributes cutting edge solutions for window protection, including tapes and protective films. The reference product in our range is 1003 glass protection film, a clear polyolefin film that boasts all the qualities we have seen before in the article. Besides the construction industry, the product can be used in other fields such as professional painting and DIY jobs to protect windows against scratches, paint overspray, dirt and finger prints.


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