by Ionela Stetco

Electrical tape: types and applications

Electrical tape is commonly used to insulate and protect electric components in different sectors, thanks to its dielectric strength and heath resistance. According to the specific field and applic...

duct tape uses
by Ionela Stetco

Duct tape uses and applications in DIY

Duct tape is renowned for its unlimited range of applications, that makes it an all-around tape in DIY and in many industrial fields. In this article we focus on duct tape uses in home applications...

Painters tape
by Ionela Stetco

Painters tape: what kind of tape to use when painting?

At first glance, it may appear easy to choose a painters tape to protect the surfaces when painting. However, for professional results even in the DIY sector, the tape should be chosen carefully, f...

automotive tape solutions
by Ionela Stetco

Automotive tape: solutions for car refinishing

An automotive tape is an important ally in many activities of the automotive industry. In particular, it is an essential tool during all the processes of car refinishing: each process can be associ...

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