Protective Film

Protective Film

by Ionela Stetco

How to apply carpet protection film properly

During house furnishing, exhibition and stages set up and painting jobs, carpet protection films are widely used to shield the floor against damage, abrasion and paint overspray. In this article, w...

by Ionela Stetco

Window protection: how to choose the best solution

In the building sector, window protection is important to shield glass against scratches during transport and mounting. To achieve a good level of protection, special protective films are applied o...

Protective film 8
by Ionela Stetco

PPM Industries UK LTD as exclusive distributor for Naster protective films in all UK

Naster is an important Italian manufacturer of removable adhesive protective films and adhesive tapes for neutral and personalized packaging with more than 35 years of experience. The company has b...

profili 02
by Ionela Stetco

Protective films for window and door profiles: best solutions

In the furnishing and construction sectors, it is important to protect the finished products during transport, storage and assembling. Window and door profiles are amongst the elements that need pa...

by Ionela Stetco

Protective films for industrial applications

Protective films are widely employed in the industrial world for two main purposes: to protect surfaces from external agents in productive processes, or to shield them against scratches and damage ...

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