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Protective film 8
by Ionela Stetco

PPM Industries UK LTD as exclusive distributor for Naster protective films in all UK

Naster is an important Italian manufacturer of removable adhesive protective films and adhesive tapes for neutral and personalized packaging with more than 35 years of experience. The company has b...

by Ionela Stetco

Builders tape: adhesive solutions for the construction sector

Builders tape is a term that refers to a wide range of products for different needs in the construction sector. These products are engineered with professional qualities that meet the requirements ...

by Ionela Stetco

Full service adhesive tape converter: why choose PPM Industries UK?

High quality and reliabilityPPM Industries UK relies on the competence of a producer with more than 25 years of experience in the field of adhesive tapes. In addition, the company recently acquired...

by Ionela Stetco

Insulation tape: PPM’s guide to choose the right product

Insulation tape is the quickest and most convenient solution for repairing and mounting applications that involve electrical components. This tape is available in a host of different models, each o...

by Ionela Stetco

Asbestos duct tape: main applications

Asbestos duct tape plays an important role during the removal of the dangerous material, serving many purposes in this delicate process. Thanks to its qualities, such as the resistance to tough env...

by Ionela Stetco

Professional tapes for aerospace and marine applications

Aerospace and Marine sectors employ many different adhesive tapes to carry out their daily activities. Let’s discover the best products for each application.

by Ionela Stetco

Car refinishing masking tape: let’s discover JWT Auto

Are you looking for a high performance car refinishing masking tape? In this article we deepen the features of an excellent tape produced by PPM Industries, a product capable to adapt to the thinne...

by Ionela Stetco

Electrical tape: types and applications

Electrical tape is commonly used to insulate and protect electric components in different sectors, thanks to its dielectric strength and heath resistance. According to the specific field and applic...

duct tape uses
by Ionela Stetco

Duct tape uses and applications in DIY

Duct tape is renowned for its unlimited range of applications, that makes it an all-around tape in DIY and in many industrial fields. In this article we focus on duct tape uses in home applications...

Painters tape
by Ionela Stetco

Painters tape: what kind of tape to use when painting?

At first glance, it may appear easy to choose a painters tape to protect the surfaces when painting. However, for professional results even in the DIY sector, the tape should be chosen carefully, f...

automotive tape solutions
by Ionela Stetco

Automotive tape: solutions for car refinishing

An automotive tape is an important ally in many activities of the automotive industry. In particular, it is an essential tool during all the processes of car refinishing: each process can be associ...

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