Protective film 8
by Ionela Stetco

PPM Industries UK LTD as exclusive distributor for Naster protective films in all UK

Naster is an important Italian manufacturer of removable adhesive protective films and adhesive tapes for neutral and personalized packaging with more than 35 years of experience. The company has b...

by Ionela Stetco

The right solution for general masking and curves

Before proceed to painting you should start by mask largest areas such as ceiling, walls, windows and furniture to protect them from any drips or marks from the paint.Next, get rid of dirt and debr...

by Ionela Stetco

New PPM Industries Automotive Car Refinishing masking tape range

Due to the fast growing knowledge gained in the car refinishing sector, PPM Industries have added a number of new masking tapes to further improve our automotive product offering.

PPM-Industries Duct-Tape Asbestos
by Ionela Stetco

Duct tape: an important tool for asbestos removal

Within the wide range of tools which make up the necessary equipment for the removal of asbestos, duct tape has a very important role because it ensures the security conditions necessary to avoid t...

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