Duct Tape

In this section there are many articles and tips dedicated to the world of duct tape! duct tape! American tape, resistant and waterproof, is suitable for any kind of application. Discover how to use  them in the best way!

PPM Industries Flact Tape 9116
by Ionela Stetco

Size does not matter: Flact Tape® is just arrived

PPM Industries is launching a new concept of Duct Tape, trying to shift the focus from the typical stereotype of the world of adhesive tapes "Bigger is Better" towards the possibility to achieve hi...

Nastro americano: la collezione di PPM Industries
by Ionela Stetco

Duct Tape: PPM Industries' Products & Solutions Range

Duct tape is by far the best partner for all temporary or permanent extreme applications during repairs, hobby works, packaging and more, for both professional and home use.

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