Size does not matter: Flact Tape® is just arrived

Wrote Wednesday, by Ionela Stetco

PPM Industries Flact Tape 9116

PPM Industries is launching a new concept of Duct Tape, trying to shift the focus from the typical stereotype of the world of adhesive tapes

For decades in many sectors we have witnessed the development of products that can offer a continuous quality improvement materials with high technical value, thinner, lighter and more performing. In the automotive sector industries look at lightening of vehicles, in textile materials are thinner but with high thermal and breathable performance, the mobile phones are increasingly versatile and lightweight.

PPM Industries has followed the same logic developing Flact Tape®, an innovative adhesive tape characterized by an incredibly thin and flat backing which guarantees high holding and sealing power combined with an excellent capability to resist at high breaking loads. This is possible thanks to a structure specifically designed during two years, which makes Flact Tape® a product that looks to the future, the optimization of materials and the constant development. Coated on a thin but very strong cloth penetrated in a plastic film backing, its hot melt adhesive has a surprising cohesion, holding power on a variety of surfaces and quick stick, obtaining important results in laboratory and application tests.

Flact Tape® represents the best value for money solution for repairing, sealing, jointing and masking of different materials where high adhesion, tensile strength and abrasion resistance are required.

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