Protective films for window and door profiles: best solutions

Wrote Tuesday, by Ionela Stetco

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In the furnishing and construction sectors, it is important to protect the finished products during transport, storage and assembling. Window and door profiles are amongst the elements that need particular protection, due to their fragility and sensitivity to dirt, scratches and dents. In this article, we focus on the features of the films designed to protect this kind of product.

Protective films for PVC and UPVC profiles

PVC and UPVC are the most used materials in the production of window and door profiles. To guarantee a proper protection and a good performance during and after application, specific protective films are engineered to better fit to these materials, guaranteeing easy application and clean removal thanks to their balanced adhesive formula.

Amongst the most appreciated qualities of these films we have to mention their resistance to UV rays and their capability to avoid yellowing in the long run. After being applied, in fact, these products have often to stay in place for several weeks, exposed to sunlight, keeping their hold on the surface while protecting it.

Protective films for Aluminuim profiles

Also Aluminium is often employed in the production of profiles for both windows and doors. This material requires specific protective films that, like PVC and UPVC films, boast UV resistance, avoid yellowing and guarantee clean removal. In addition, the best products do not interact with paint and anodising on the profile.



Protective films for wooden profiles

It is not unusual to find wooden profiles in the furnishing sector, especially when we consider door framing. Wood is a delicate material, selected for its beauty and consistence: when protecting a wooden profile it is therefore essential to employ a product with low tack properties and an adhesive formula that doesn’t interact chemically with the surface. At the same time, the backing of the film has to be thick enough to guarantee an effective protection against dirt and damage. As a result, the best protective films for wooden profiles keep unaltered the value of the material.

Protective films for profiles: solutions by PPM Industries

PPM Industries provides high quality protective films for a range of different applications, both in the industrial and consumer sector. Protective films for PVC/UPVC and wooden profiles are amongst our top products, with a range that guarantees wide customisation possibilities. Each product of the line is specifically designed and tested for the aimed application, featuring the best qualities for that particular task.


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