Professional tapes for aerospace and marine applications

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Aerospace and Marine sectors employ many different adhesive tapes to carry out their daily activities. Professional tapes are important tools in applications such as paint masking, components mounting and insulation, cable wrapping and repairing. If you need a tape for one of these jobs, here is a list of suggestions for professional results.

Aerospace and Marine are among the most demanding sectors in the industrial world. The products employed in their processes must be designed to possess some specific features and guarantee the highest quality standards. Adhesive tapes are no exception to this rule: they must provide technical features that suite the role they are used for. Let’s see the most important qualities of these tapes, for the most common applications in the field.

Adhesive tapes for professional masking

A masking tape for vehicle painting should boast some qualities such as high temperature resistance, compatibility with chemicals, good mechanical properties. In aerospace and marine industries, drying cycles could reach extremely high temperature, depending on the paint used in the job. To meet all these requirements, PPM offers a special tape with an outstanding thermal resistance: 53HT is a high temperature masking tape that can withstand up to 180°, making it the perfect tool in powder coating and plasma spray operations.


Adhesive tapes for mounting and repairing

High adhesion power, long lasting hold, compatibility with different surfaces: these are the qualities demanded to the adhesive tapes employed in aerospace and marine mounting and repairing applications.

For mounting different components, we suggest a top quality double sided tape such as 211B, a rubber PET tape that also provides good insulation properties for assembling electrical parts.


For repairing applications, we should add to the mentioned qualities the capability to resist weather conditions. 813 repair tape is a product specifically designed for outdoor use: it resists wet, extreme temperatures, UV rays and chemicals; in addition, it boasts good conformability properties, making it perfect for wrapping and bundling.


Adhesive tapes for electrical insulation

In some industrial sectors, such as marine and aerospace, it’s sometimes necessary to provide solutions for high frequency insulation, with products that resist extremely high temperature and thermal stress. One of these solutions is TF50 Tape, a PTFE Silicone Adhesive tape that is highly conformable and extensible, ideal for insulating motors and coils.


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