PPM Industries UK LTD as exclusive distributor for Naster protective films in all UK

Wrote Friday, by Ionela Stetco

Protective film 8

Naster is an important Italian manufacturer of removable adhesive protective films and adhesive tapes for neutral and personalized packaging with more than 35 years of experience. The company has been fully restructured in order to face the challenges of this competitive environment through the optimization of its manufacturing processes and product line-up.

One of the mission of Naster is to build up a strong relationship of trust with its co-workers and this is the reason why PPM Industries UK LTD has been selected as its official and exclusive distributor. Under the agreement, PPM Industries will promote the Naster protective film range in all industries where films play a part of any form, from construction to automotive, from nautical to digital applications. Naster offers a wide range of protection films for the protection of stainless steel, aluminum, pre painted metals, carpets, profiles, furniture surfaces, transportation.

Corrado Malighetti, CEO of Naster said: “PPM Industries UK is long estabilished converter and distributor of self adhesive tapes, with a diverse range of innovative products and thousands of customers who demand performance. We are proud that Naster products will now be distributed throughout the British market to a variety of key industries that recognize Naster’s potential to truly deliver a significant competitive advantage.”

Matteo Pellegrini, PPM Industries UK Director, adds: “We are extremely pleased to promote and distribute Naster protective films product range in UK. Some of our customers have already used Naster protective films and appreciate product performance. We can now offer a full range excellent surface protection films.”

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