Painters tape: what kind of tape to use when painting?

Wrote Thursday, by Ionela Stetco

Painters tape

At first glance, it may appear easy to choose a painters tape to protect the surfaces when painting. However, for professional results even in the DIY sector, the tape should be chosen carefully, finding the best product for the particular conditions you are working with.

It’s not the same thing to paint indoor or outdoor, on a regular or irregular surface, during winter or summer. Each of these conditions requires a particular tape to gain the best and cleanest job. What’s the specific application you have to carry out?

General masking

If you have to paint indoor, with warm temperature and on regular surfaces, you can choose a tape for general masking, a product that pairs flexibility and performance with good price. Just make sure that the tape resists the paint you are working with, and then apply it carefully on the surface you have to protect. PPM’s S040 is a general masking tape compatible with all kinds of paints: it doesn’t leave residue when removed, for quick and clean applications.


Outdoor painting

Outdoor painting involves many critical conditions: wet weather, exposition to UV rays, high and low temperatures. When exposed to these conditions, not all masking tapes can perform efficiently: many of them lose their adhesive power, making the paint bleed through the edges. That is why you’d better choose, for outdoor applications, specific masking tapes such as PPM’s SKY MASK, a waterproof blue tape specifically engineered for outdoor use.


Masking of curved surfaces

Sometimes, during painting jobs, we may need to protect narrow and curved surfaces. In these cases, many masking tapes just break as we attempt to stretch them on the surface, trying to follow the curve. For this kind of applications, the best solution comes from specific tapes intended for tearing and stretching, realized with particular materials that perform excellent elongation capabilities. Take a look at PPM’s 7020HM, a highly crepe paper masking tape designed to mask curved surfaces.


High temperature application

In hot climates, in summer, or during some applications in construction and industrial contexts, we may need to perform painting at high temperature, using a masking tape that resists the exposure for a reasonable time. Fortunately, on the market are available specific tapes, such as PPM’s S060, that are designed to withstand temperature up to 60° for one hour, giving enough time to complete the job without any problem.


Masking of delicate surfaces

When masking delicate surfaces, you should choose low tack tapes in order to prevent any damage to the surface itself. Tack is the ability of the adhesive to quickly adhere to the surface, sticking to it strongly as it contacts it; when applied on pre-painted surfaces, a tape should provide a restrained tack in order to prevent the paint to get off when removed, creating that particular problem known as paint flaking. PPM’s S060LT is specifically intend for this kind of applications, thanks to its gentle and controlled tack.


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