Mounting tape: solutions for home applications

Wrote Friday, by Ionela Stetco


The easiest way to perform small mounting applications at home is to use mounting tape, a special tape with strong hold and double sided adhesive surface. However, not all the tapes are the same: depending on the specific job you have to do, a different mounting tape should be employed to ensure the best results. Here are our suggestions about the best products to use in any situation.

General mounting tapes for small indoor jobs

Let’s start from the basics: for light mounting applications indoor, on regular surfaces such as wood and walls, you can use an entry level mounting tape such as PPM 8030. This tape is available in brown and yellow colours, it fits different surfaces, it’s easy to use and can be removed quickly without breaking.

You can use 8030 to fix carpets or fabrics to the floor or to stick light objects to the walls.



Mounting tapes for applications on difficult surfaces

If you have to stick objects to uneven or uncommon surfaces such as rubber or foam, you’d better choose a mounting tape that guarantees long term and steady results on difficult surfaces. PPM 127C is the perfect product to face all these situations, being designed to stick firmly to irregular and flexible surfaces.

The tape boasts excellent conformability and guarantees permanent results for indoor applications. You can easily tear it by hand at the desired length, so you won’t need cutters or scissors for your craft jobs.



Mounting tapes for carpet bonding

For general flooring applications, special mounting tapes are produced to guarantee permanent results and excellent hold with fabrics, vinyl, and other materials such as wood or metal applied onto the floor.

PPM 4040 is a great example of a mounting tape specifically designed for flooring applications: it fits different surfaces and provides high performance results for permanent application. Like the previous products, you can tear it by hand to speed up the job and save time. It’s available in yellow colour.



Outdoor mounting tapes

So far, we’ve seen mounting tapes for indoor applications, where temperatures are steady and the tapes don’t suffer critical conditions such as wet and humidity. To gain satisfying results outdoor, you should employ a specific mounting tape like PPM W911, a white tape that provides excellent weather resistance, ageing properties and adaptability to different surfaces.

W911 has a powerful tack that makes it ideal for heavy duty applications, both indoor and outdoor. You can use it for mirror mounting, joining signs, emblems, nameplates and plastic trims on a wide range of materials.



Mounting tapes for application on PVC and plastic surfaces

When mounting PVC and plastic surfaces such as window and door profiles, you have to keep into account a specific phenomenon known as plasticizer migration: over time, commercial plasticizers migrate from flexible PVC elements towards other media in contact with them, causing a slow but steady degradation of the material. To face this problem, specific mounting tapes have been engineered to resist plasticizer migration, minimize and slow down its effects.

PPM 750 is a mounting tape with excellent resistance to plasticizer migration, therefore ideal for mounting PVC, rubber and plastic profiles permanently. The tape provides great conformability and fits different surfaces.



We’ve seen the most used and required mounting tapes for home applications. But PPM’s range is much wider and includes several products for specific and general uses. So, if you are looking for more options, you are welcome to take a look at our entire offer of mounting tapes.


Discover all PPM’s range of mounting tapes!


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