Insulation tape: PPM’s guide to choose the right product

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Insulation tape is the quickest and most convenient solution for repairing and mounting applications that involve electrical components. This tape is available in a host of different models, each of them suitable for specific uses. Let’s discover how to choose the right product for your needs.

Since its introduction to the market in the 1930s, insulation tape has been developed into a versatile product for different applications, covering most of the industrial needs for wrapping, repairing and mounting electrical components. Nowadays, it is sometimes difficult to find your bearings among the wide choice of products available in the market: in this article, we give you some suggestions, depending on the job you have to do.

Generic insulation tapes

For generic insulation applications, such as coil sealing, capacitors wrapping and wire identification, you can use 10B2, a generic insulation tape with high breakdown voltage and good tensile strength. In case you need a generic insulation tape for the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors, you can choose instead 77AC, an insulation tape that provides excellent resistance to oils, chemicals and solvents.

Some generic insulation tapes are widely used for coil winding and wrapping: an example is 41B, a PET composite tape that is suitable for both regular and irregular windings.


High Voltage insulation tapes

Teonex tapes are produced to offer a solution for high voltage insulation needs. Their qualities come from the Teonex backing, a polyethylene-naphthalate film with great resistance to high temperature, excellent dielectric strength and dimensional stability. In addition, these insulation tapes are resistant to chemicals and organic solvents.


High temperature resistant insulation tapes

Insulation tapes with excellent flame and heath resistance are sometimes required for applications in the aerospace, marine and electrical sector. Nomex tapes are suitable for the motor industry, for use in heating ovens and similar applications. Among the known materials for tape’s backings, Nomex is among those with the highest resistance to extreme temperatures.


Insulation tapes for the construction sector

Besides high temperature resistance, some insulation tapes are also required to withstand application at low temperature. These products are mainly used in the construction sector, where insulation tapes are often employed outdoor, at both high and low temperature, depending on the season. 268 Insulation tape is a PVC product that can be used at a service temperature from -10° to 80°.


Double sided tapes for mounting applications

Some insulation tapes provide double adhesive surface to help mounting and fixing electrical components in the automotive and industrial sector. 211B is a double sided insulation tape with good dielectric strength and exceptional resistance to high temperature, up to 130°.


Electromagnetic shielding and cable repairing

Specific insulation tapes are available on the market for electromagnetic shielding application and cable repairing. The best products for these uses are copper foil tapes, providing excellent malleability and resistance to heat and high temperature.


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