Full service adhesive tape converter: why choose PPM Industries UK?

Wrote Tuesday, by Ionela Stetco


The adhesive tape converting industry is essential for manufacturers to access finished products ready for the market. Thanks to its expertise, PPM Industries UK guarantees a long series of advantages to the customers who rely on the supply of high quality adhesive solutions. Let’s discover all of them.

High quality and reliability

PPM Industries UK relies on the competence of a producer with more than 25 years of experience in the field of adhesive tapes. In addition, the company recently acquired the knowhow and massive range of products of Raw Companies LTD, a historical tape converter in the UK market. The experience and the steady commitment in research and development make our tapes some of the best solutions available in the market, with a high technological content for professional applications in different fields like: industrial, car refinishing, OEM, DIY, building & construction.

Excellent Service

Thanks to its converting capability and efficient warehouse PPM Industries is able to offer high service level across the Country delivering products from one box to pallet to customers.

A problem solving orientated, dedicated customer servicer supports the customers choosing the right product.

Special prices

Thanks to its automated, streamlined and flexible converting department and to a strong distribution hub on the entire UK market, PPM Industries UK guarantees special prices when supplying customers with professional adhesive solutions. Due to the convenience of the offer, many clients have already chosen PPM Industries UK and its premium quality range of standard and specialty products.

Customised solutions

Besides quality and pricing, PPM Industries UK guarantees the ability to meet all the industry needs with highly customised products and service. No matter what the field of application may be: the company can always engineer the right solution for any specific requirement.

PPM Industries UK relies on a converting unit in England where jumbo rolls are turned into finished products according to the specific needs of the customer. Customisation possibilities cover the size of the tape (width and length of the roll), its inner core of plastic or cardboard – which can be customised with the client’s logo – and the whole packaging of the product. The result is a roll of adhesive tape that perfectly fits the customer’s specification, even when non-standard products are required.

Problem solving

The impressive know-how and experience make PPM Industries UK an expert in the sector of adhesive solutions for industrial and non-industrial applications. The company can suggest and engineer the best tape for each specific need, providing effective solutions that, sometimes, the customer did not even know were available. The true value of a good adhesive tape converter is the ability to optimise products and processes in order to make the customer save time and money.

Full service added value

As a full service adhesive tape converter, PPM Industries UK follows the customer from the original idea up to the creation of the final product, throughout all the steps of research, prototyping, assembly and production. The company shares with the client all the possible solutions and tests the products until finding the best one for the required application.


Are you looking for a skilled and reliable full service adhesive tape converter?

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