Duct tape uses and applications in DIY

Wrote Tuesday, by Ionela Stetco

duct tape uses

Duct tape is renowned for its unlimited range of applications, that makes it an all-around tape in DIY and in many industrial fields. In this article we focus on duct tape uses in home applications, exploring the many activities it can be employed in.

Duct tape is perfect for semi-permanent uses that require a strong adhesive and long lasting tape. Even though the possible applications of duct tape are almost endless, we briefly sum up the most useful tasks that this product can cover.

1. Temporary repairing of rips on any kind of surface: have you torn a piece of cloth, a cardboard or even a window glass? Don’t worry: duct tape is the perfect ally in these and other kind of sealing and repairing uses. It can adhere to many different surfaces, lasting for months.


2. Sealing of leaks and holes: thanks to their resistance to humidity and water, some of the best duct tapes can be used for sealing small water leaks and holes in many of the tools we use at home, such as hoses and watering cans. Wrap the tape two or three times around the hole, and the leak will be sealed.


3. Temporary mounting of damaged components of cars and motorcycles: duct tapes are some of the most adhesive tapes on the market, thanks to the hot-melt technology through which their adhesive is created. In home application, their strong adhesion power makes them perfect for mounting and assembling damaged components of cars and motorcycles, to obtain emergency repairs in no time.


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4. Jointing of broken components of various tools: besides cars and other vehicles, duct tape can be used to repair and joint broken or disassembled components of any kind of object, both in indoor and outdoor applications. In this latter case, check out the capability of the tape to resist tough weather conditions, in order to maximize its hold over time.

5. Sealing and packing: duct tape is the best choice also for packing and wrapping objects for transport or storage. Thanks to its strength and endurance, it can perfectly seal any kind of package: for this quality, it is even used in asbestos removal, to seal the enclosure pack in which asbestos sheets are closed.


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