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Wrote Tuesday, by Ionela Stetco

Nastro americano: la collezione di PPM Industries

Duct tape is by far the best partner for all temporary or permanent extreme applications during repairs, hobby works, packaging and more, for both professional and home use.

PPM Industries is among the biggest Duct Tape producers and has a wide products range able to cover all application needs.

Duct tape is the best solution for all packaging, bindings, repairing and reinforcing activities

Let’s discover how to choose the right Duct Tape

Entry level

The Duct Tape “9051” is a strong and resistant Duct tape ideal for multiple daily uses, on almost every type of surface in both industrial and home contexts. The Duct Tape “9051”  is the essential product for every reparing and reinforcing need.

Good Performance

The Duct Tape “9061” is designed to secure insulation covers such as panels or piping, but can also be used for packaging, bindings, repairing and reinforcing and also is suitable for Sealed Unit Manufacture.

Its tensile strength permits hold in high tension conditions, making it a "universal" Duct Tape in both professional contexts and for small domestic repairs.

Its suitable 

Superior Performance

High performance Duct Tape tested to provide high performance on different fine surfaces for applications in the construction and DIY sectors.

Our Duct Tape “9062” is often used for sealing up the enclosures for Asbestos removal guaranteeing high results and has excellent outdoor performances, at low temperatures up to -10° C.

Top duct tape for polyhanging & tarps.

Advance Performance

Thanks to its special adhesive formula and higher support thickness, “9081” is a tough Duct tape indicated for professional use guaranteeing excellent adhesion on both smooth and rough surfaces from stone to concrete. It is the ideal product for professional use in the construction sector during renovations.

Ultimate performance

Even higher performance than the 9081, thanks to a special adhesive formula, the Duct Tape “9081HP” version is a tough High Performance Duct tape designed for those who seek the utmost performance in professional contexts.

The product guarantees high adhesion on both smooth and rough surfaces including stone and concrete both indoors and outdoors.


All Duct tapes are Waterproof to resist moisture once applied.

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