Car refinishing masking tape: let’s discover JWT Auto

Wrote Tuesday, by Ionela Stetco


Are you looking for a high performance car refinishing masking tape? In this article we deepen the features of an excellent tape produced by PPM Industries, a product capable to adapt to the thinnest surfaces and resist high temperature.

We are talking about JWT Auto, one of our most innovative products. JWT Auto is a car refinishing masking tape that gives its best in the protection of small areas and narrow surfaces; thanks to its shiny fluorescent yellow colour, JWT Auto can be easily seen during the process of painting, easing the job of the painter.

Realized with a backing of Japanese Washi paper and an acrylic adhesive, JWT Auto is one of the most efficient car refinishing masking tapes on the market. If you are curious to know more about this high range product, keep reading the article: we will discover one by one all the qualities of this car refinishing masking tape.

  • Thinness: the most prominent feature of the tape is its thinness, a quality that makes it suitable for masking narrow areas of the car such as grooves and thin edges. JWT Auto is for sure the best product when high precision is required.
  • High conformability: JWT Auto also provides great conformability properties. If we match its thinness with its high conformability, we easily understand that this car refinishing masking tape is the perfect tool for protecting small and irregular body parts such as handles, profiles and lights. JWT Auto perfectly fits many different surfaces, from metal to plastic, from glass to rubber, covering all the needs of professional car painting.


  • High temperature resistance: JWT Auto can resist temperature up to 120° for an hour. This quality makes it perfect to withstand the most severe drying cycles, keeping its hold steadily and without losing its protective properties. No more paint flaking or bleeding through: with this car refinishing masking tape, you will avoid any problem.
  • Water resistance: JWT Auto’s adhesives are engineered to resist water-borne paints, making the tape suitable for masking applications with many of the paints used in car refinishing.
  • No residue left: JWT Auto is extremely simple to remove, leaving a clean surface without any adhesive residual. Thanks to this car refinishing masking tape, car painting has never been easier, swifter and more precise.


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