Builders tape: adhesive solutions for the construction sector

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Builders tape is a term that refers to a wide range of products for different needs in the construction sector. These products are engineered with professional qualities that meet the requirements of many activities in the field: masking operations, insulation of exposed cables, mounting and repairing applications, glass panels sealing. Let’s see the most suitable tapes for each application.

Builders tapes refer to a category of duct tapes that feature great holding power and adaptability to outdoor uses, providing professional solutions for mounting, repairing and sealing operations in the building sector. However, the term can be widened to include all the tapes employed in the field, including masking tapes for outdoor painting and insulation tapes. According to their application, builders tapes can be divided into the following categories:

Builders tapes for masking

In the building business, masking tapes are required to be effective in both indoor and outdoor uses, providing waterproof properties, and withstanding UV rays and extreme climate conditions. On the other hand, like the best regular masking tapes, these products guarantee clean removal without leaving adhesive residue and compatibility with the most used types of paint.

A great example of masking tape for the building sector is SKY MASK, an innovative product created by PPM Industries to give high performances in outdoor applications.



If you need a narrow masking tape to gain the most precise paint edges, you can take a look at JWT HP, a product of the fine-line range for outdoor uses.



Builders tapes for insulation

In the construction field, builders tape can also help in insulating exposed electrical, thermal and fire elements. To fulfill this task, special insulation tapes are employed with an adhesive formula and a carrier that resist electrical or thermal stress.

268 Insulation tape is made with a PVC backing that gives the best results in insulating electrical cables and wires. It is available in different colors.



For thermal and fire insulation, we recommend instead 115AL, an aluminum tape with good UV resistance.



Builders tapes for mounting and repairing

As we mentioned, builders tape for mounting and repairing operations are duct tapes with powerful hold and outdoor properties. These tapes are intensively used in the building sector to fasten, seal and joint components and equipment, adapting to many different surfaces and irregular shapes. One example from PPM Industries’ range is 9062 duct tape, a product with excellent performances and resistance to extreme temperature (from -10°C to 60°C once applied).



Builders tapes for sealing glass panels

During transport and mounting operations, windows’ glass panels are exposed to scratches and strikes that could cause irreparable damage, in particular to their delicate edges. To protect them, professionals employ specific products such as 276 PVC Tape, a builders tape that provides easy unwinding and clean removal, preserving the quality of the material.



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