Automotive tape: solutions for car refinishing

Wrote Monday, by Ionela Stetco

automotive tape solutions

An automotive tape is an important ally in many activities of the automotive industry. In particular, it is an essential tool during all the processes of car refinishing: each process can be associated to a specific tape that intervenes in its execution.

In car refinishing, the most important tasks are represented by painting and repairing one or more areas of the vehicle. These processes require the application of different types of automotive tape to be performed properly, gaining a professional result at the end of the job. According to their use, we can divide automotive tapes in four main categories:

Automotive tapes for masking

In car refinishing, masking tapes are engineered to mask off the areas of the vehicle that should not be coated, preventing the paint from bleeding through and spoiling the quality of the job. Automotive masking tapes are different from regular masking tapes: they should resist the high temperature needed for paint drying, adhere to different surfaces such as metal, rubber and glass, and be removed quickly and precisely once the job is completed.


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Automotive tapes for insulating

In car refinishing it is not uncommon to expose electrical cables and electronic components for repairing jobs. In these cases, professional workers employ insulating tapes to shield and protect the exposed components, with different solutions according the specific use required in the process. These automotive tapes are perfect for motor insulation, coil protection and circuit assembly, thanks to their resistance to thermal stresses.


Automotive tapes for mounting

Double sided mounting tapes are widely used to mount and assemble side panels, emblems, small components and elements of the vehicle, thanks to their high adhesive power and their mechanical resistance. In this category, we can find many different products according to the surface they have to stick to, and to the specific task they have to perform. Many of these automotive tapes possess good insulation properties, making them suitable for assembling some components of the electrical systems.


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Anti-slip tapes

Even though anti-slip tapes are not included in the categories of automotive tape, they are widely used in the automotive field: every professional body shop employs anti-slip tape to maximise the safety of the workers during the processes of car refinishing, providing sure footing on the floor.


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