Asbestos duct tape: main applications

Wrote Tuesday, by Ionela Stetco


Asbestos duct tape plays an important role during the removal of the dangerous material, serving many purposes in this delicate process. Thanks to its qualities, such as the resistance to tough environment conditions and the adaptability to different surfaces, asbestos duct tape is versatile enough to be employed throughout all the process of removal.

The most important feature of asbestos duct tape lies in its adhesion power, which is essential when dealing with asbestos. This material, in fact, releases extremely thin fibers into the air, which can easily pass through many natural and artificial barriers. To properly contain the danger, it is essential to rely on powerful solutions that guarantee a strong and reliable containment.

A tape for different purposes

As we’ve seen, asbestos duct tape is flexible enough to serve different purposes in asbestos removal:

  • Sealing the enclosure: the enclosure is a special structure built all around the dangerous site, raised to isolate the area and prevent asbestos fibers to spread in the surroundings when the material is removed. Asbestos duct tape can be used to seal the polyethylene foils of the enclosure, filling any leak or fissure through which the fibers could filter. In addition, its resistance to tough conditions makes the tape suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Sealing asbestos bags: asbestos duct tape is also used to wrap and seal the bags in which the material is placed when removed. Thanks to its adhesion power the tape keeps its hold in all weather conditions, guaranteeing a perfect shield against fibers’ dispersion.



9062: the asbestos duct tape by PPM Industries

PPM Industries boasts a long experience in the production of duct tapes for many professional purposes. Among them, 9062 tape stands out as a perfect solution for asbestos removal, featuring all the qualities that an asbestos duct tape should provide.

9062 can resist to extreme environment conditions, such as temperature from -10° to 60°, once applied. It fits to irregular surfaces and ensures a strong hold for semi-permanent applications, both outdoor and indoor. In addition, this asbestos duct tape is available at competitive price.


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