PPM Automotive Double Sided PE Foam Tape W9335


Automotive Double Sided Foam Tape

Black double sided tape for applications in the automotive sector

PPM double sided foam tape is known in the market as the standard black double sided tape for mounting and assembling different parts in the automotive sector. The black colour is ideal to hide the tape when applied on plastic surfaces, trim mouldings and other areas of most cars.

The automotive double sided tape is ideal for a wide range of uses both in OEM and in Aftermarket sales: the product is perfect for side mouldings, mounting trims, rear view mirrors, emblems and badges.

W9335 double sided foam mounting tape boasts high adaptability to different surfaces and is ideal for permanent applications at professional level.

Backing/CarrierDouble Sided PE Foam 90kg/M3
LinerGreen bi-siliconised polyethylene
AdhesiveSolvent acrylic adhesive
Total Thickness800 mic
Backing Thickness13g/M2
Peel Adhesion8 N/cm
Shear Strenght STD>24h 1kg 25mmx25mm
Service Temperature-30°C + 100°C
Shelf Life6 months
Available Colours
  • nero
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