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Electrical tapes and mounting tapes for assembling

PPM Industries has a specific range of adhesive tapes dedicated to assembling, mainly electrical tapes and mounting tapes. Electrical OEM products are the perfect choice for original equipment manufacturers to insulate protect and shield electrical and electronic components. Different uses of electrical tapes call for a broad choice of backings, technologies and adhesives, from permanent double sided to highly technical films, from synthetic rubber to silicon. Electrical tapes however are suitable for motor and coil insulation withstanding the thermal stresses of soldering, for distribution and traction transformers as well as for multi-purpose circuit assembly and repair. Mounting tapes used to mount side panels, small components, emblems or elements of the electrical system.

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K30 stilllife
Teonex Eletrical Tape
2809 stilllife
Acrylic Industrial Double Sided Tape
10B stilllife
Medium Duty Acrylic PET Tape
5F stilllife
Nomex Tape
2601 stilllife
Double Sided Acrylic PET Tape
211B stilllife
PET Electrical Double Sided Tape
12B Stilllite
Heavy Duty Insulation Tape
10B2 stilllife
PET Heavy Duty Electrical Tape
911W small
PE Double Sided Foam Tape
W9335 stilllife
Automotive Double Sided Foam Tape
77AC stilllife
Acrylic Glass Cloth Electrical Tape
11B small
Medium Duty Yellow Electrical Tape
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