Industrial aerospace marine assambling head


High performance, resistance and long lasting sealing power

Assembling operations in Aerospace & Marine sector require high quality products, which are able to guarantee a premium performance, external conditions resistance and a long lasting sealing power. In order to be a reliable supplier for such a demanding sector, PPM Industries offer a wide range of adhesive tapes specially designed for mounting operations on multiple surfaces and materials like cable canals, trims, panels, etc. Our offer includes also specialty tapes made by highly technical backing radiations, heat and chemical resistant such as Kapton® tape or Teonex® tape.

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K30 stilllife
Teonex Eletrical Tape
2809 stilllife
Acrylic Industrial Double Sided Tape
211B stilllife
PET Electrical Double Sided Tape
2601 stilllife
Double Sided Acrylic PET Tape
TF50 stilllife
11B small
Medium Duty Yellow Electrical Tape
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