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Q1® Tapes

A human being is made from DNA and is inspired by passion, challenges and thrives on new opportunities. Q1® Tapes DNA has been created by a team of professionals to match the masking challenges of the modern professional Body Shops. Q1® Tapes is the perfect sum-up of those values…

Thanks to our experience and knowledge in providing masking solutions to various Industries in over two decades, we have created a brand new concept dedicated to the aftermarket Body Shops specific for the UK & Irish markets, offering outstanding products engineered for all the masking preparation applications.

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Design Tape™

Design Tape™ is a shaped masking tape, ready to use, that provides endless design capabilities on walls, forniture compatible with a variety of materials such as wood, glass, metal and others.

Made by Japanese Washi paper, guarantees sharp paint lines.

Design Tape™ is available in three patterns Shark, Surf and Cloud. Design Tape™ enables you to create custom paint design and personalize walls, accessories, desks, furniture, floors and other surfaces around your home.

Use your creativity and make unique patterns with Design Tape!

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Naster is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of protective films with more than 35 years of experience. Lately, the company optimized its manufacturing processes and product line-up in order to face the challenges of this competitive market.

Our customers come from all industries where films play a crucial role. Naster offers a wide range of protection films for the protection of stainless steel, aluminum, pre painted metals, carpets, profiles, furniture surfaces, transportation.

Naster business and management philosophy are built on quality and efficiency to supply and develop the best film solutions in the market for our customers.

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