PPM UK Facilities head


PPM Industries has three production plants, two manufacturing sites in northern Italy, and one converting and distributing company in Cannock UK.

Brembate Di Sopra, Italy

Covering 13,000 square meters, Brembate facilities were the first to be launched in 1993. With over 150 employees, Brembate site

This plant controls hot melt production, converting and packaging and the logistics.


Calusco D’Adda, Italy

Calusco facilities covers 9,000 square meters, and was the second plant to be opened in 1999. With over 40 employees, Calusco plant manages solvent and water based production and paper saturation.


Cannock, UK

UK plant was launched in 2011, it covers 9,000 square meters and has over 80 employees. The branch is dedicated to finished product converting and distribution, with a vast warehouse that ensures stock always available to provide a high service level.

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